Eaton’s LifeSense™ increases reliability and reduces costs.
Unit of Measure

Expect Reliability

N/A Eaton’s LifeSense™ is a patented hydraulic hose condition monitoring system. Rather than random replacement times and accidental breakdowns, the user gets an advance alert the moment the hose needs attention.



  • Provides over 50% more hose life
  • Increases reliability - detects and warns of impending failure
  • Safeguards workers
  • Reduces risk of collateral damage
  • Increases cost savings
  • Maximizes uptime - mitigates unexpected hose failures
  • Improves maintenance/operations efficiency - automates inspections, on-going and real-time monitoring
  • Protects the environment - mitigates potential hazards

What’s Inside Counts, Every Day

N/A Eaton’s LifeSense is a cutting-edge technology with a combination of diagnostic and alert systems. A hose condition sensor continuously monitors hose conditions via electrical measurement technology. A diagnostic unit interprets this data and alerts users well in advance of impending hose failure. It’s a built-in safeguard against work interruption.


N/A Hose fitting is hard-wired with sensor to continuously monitor and detect potential issues, and to transmit data to a diagnostic unit.


N/A System electronically monitors entire length of hose assembly.

Diagnostic Unit

N/A Continuously monitors real-time data, and interprets the ongoing health of each hose assembly. An alert signals an impending hose failure.

Monitors Hose Life. Signals Impending Failure.

N/A The patented, proprietary technology behind LifeSense is a result of a partnership between Eaton Corporation and world-renowned Purdue University. Extensive research and development demonstrated the ability of electrical properties to predict hose failure. Thorough field and laboratory testing by credited technicians substantiated it.

The unique Eaton LifeSense hose assembly uses a sensor on every hose to pinpoint pending future problems through a proprietary decision engine. A Hose Diagnostic Unit (HDU) actively monitors and processes these characteristics. When the HDU determines a hose is approaching the end of its useful life, an alert notifies the user that the hose needs to be replaced. There is no need for immediate equipment shutdown or unexpected failure. With ample alert time, users can finish the shift or task at hand and schedule regular maintenance to replace the faulty hose assembly.

Applicable Market Segments


  • Oil and gas
  • Alternative energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Construction and mining
  • Materials handling
  • Vocational fleets
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Anywhere hydraulic hose failure may be an issue