Prime Output at Rated Speed 90 hp (67 kW)

Generator Set
  • Heavy duty generator system designed for prime power operation in rental, construction and special events applications.
  • Generator system features a heavy-duty, drag-able skid base, and can be easily equipped with an integrated running gear system for mobile applications.
Unit of Measure

Power Connections

Terminal Board Maximum Load Cable Size (Bare Wire Cable)

N/A 350 MCM

Terminal Board Maximum Load Cable Size (Lugged Cable)

N/A 6-350 MCM

Reference Conditions

Maximum Ambient Temperature1 N/A 104 ºF40 ºC

Maximum Relative Humidity

N/A 100 %

Maximum Altitude

N/A ft, m

Minimum Starting Temperature (Standard)

N/A 10 ºF-12 ºC

Minimum Starting Temperature (with Cold Start Option)

N/A 0 ºF-18 ºC

Engine Data

Engine Manufacturer

N/A IR / John Deere

Model Number

N/A 4045TF285E

Prime Output at Rated Speed

N/A 90 hp67 kW

Standby Output at Rated Speed

N/A 99 hp74 kW

Engine Type

N/A Inline Four Cycle

Engine Control


Emissions Certification

N/A Tier III

Number of Cylinders

N/A 4


N/A Turbocharged


N/A 106 mm4.2 in


N/A 127 mm5.0 in


N/A 275 in³4.5 L

Compression Ratio

N/A 17:01

Governor Type

N/A Electronic / Isochronous

Speed Regulation Accuracy (Steady State)

N/A ±0.25 %

Single Step Load Acceptance

N/A 100 %

Cooling System

N/A Water / Glycol

Charging Alternator Output

N/A 70 A

DC System Voltage

N/A 12 V

Battery Output

N/A 700 CCA

Oil Sump Capacity

N/A 2.6 gal9.8 L

Cooling System Capacity

N/A 7.5 gal28.2 L

Fuel Cell Capacity (Usable Capacity - Level Operation)

N/A 109 gal413 L

Fuel Consumption at Prime Power Rating at 25% Load

N/A 80.2 Runtime 1.4 gal/h5.2 L/h

Fuel Consumption at Prime Power Rating at 50% Load

N/A 46.0 Runtime 2.4 gal/h9 L/h

Fuel Consumption at Prime Power Rating at 75% Load

N/A 31.6 Runtime 3.5 gal/h13.1 L/h

Fuel Consumption at Prime Power Rating at 100% Load

N/A 24.9 Runtime 4.4 gal/h16.6 L/h

Alternator Data

Alternator Manufacturer

N/A Leroy Somer

Alternator Model

N/A LSA 432 L65

Alternator Type

N/A Four Pole, Revolving Field

Number of Leads

N/A 12

Insulation Class



N/A 60 Hz

Available Voltages - Three Phase

N/A 208, 220, 230, 240, 416, 440, 460, 480 V

Available Voltages - Single Phase

N/A 120, 127, 133, 139, 240, 254, 266, 277 V

Voltage Connection Method

N/A Three Position Selector Switch

Excitation Method


Voltage Regulation Accuracy (Steady State)

N/A ±0.5 %

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) at No Load

N/A < 2%

Telephone Influence Factor (TIF)

N/A < 50

Running Gear

Running Gear

N/A To 49CFR571 requirements


N/A Tandem axle


N/A Torsion bar
Standard Brake System Configuration2 N/A Electric


N/A ST205/75D15


N/A 15 × 5.5 in (381 × 140 mm), 5 lug on 4.5 in (114 mm) bolt circle

Lighting and Reflectors

N/A Meets FMVSS 571.108 requirements

Electrical Connection to Towing Vehicle

N/A Six pole round plug

Standard Coupling Connection

N/A 3 in (76 mm) Pintle Eye (2-5/16 in (59 mm) Ball Coupler Optional)
Safety Chains3 N/A 2 × 5/16 in8 mm
Jack Stand Configuration4 N/A 5000 lb2268 kg

Sound Level at 23 ft (7m) and 100% Load

N/A 68 dBA

Weight and Dimensions with Running Gear

Length for Weight and Dimensions with Running Gear

N/A 155.8 in3957 mm

Width for Weight and Dimensions with Running Gear

N/A 68.7 in1745 mm

Height for Weight and Dimensions with Running Gear

N/A 82.4 in2093 mm

Weight (Shipping) for Weight and Dimensions with Running Gear

N/A 4435 lb2012 kg

Weight (Ready to Run) for Weight and Dimensions with Running Gear

N/A 5105 lb2316 kg

Weight and Dimensions Less Running Gear

Length for Weight and Dimensions Less Running Gear

N/A 97.3 in2471 mm

Width for Weight and Dimensions Less Running Gear

N/A 39.5 in1003 mm

Height for Weight and Dimensions Less Running Gear

N/A 70.1 in1781 mm

Weight (Shipping) for Weight and Dimensions Less Running Gear

N/A 3708 lb1682 kg

Weight (Ready to Run) for Weight and Dimensions Less Running Gear

N/A 4378 lb1986 kg


N/A CSA certified for electrical equipment per C22.2, No. 14


N/A Engine

  • Industrial, heavy-duty diesel engine is EPA emissions certified to current Tier III requirements.
  • Electronically controlled engine provides isochronous frequency control and advanced diagnostic monitoring and protection.
  • Oversized cooling system rated for high ambient operation.
  • All filters and maintenance points are easily accessed enhancing serviceability.
  • AREP brushless excitation provides powerful motor starting kVA and is isolated from harmonicinduced waveform distortion.
  • Class H insulation for ultimate resistance to high temperature and humidity.
  • Capable of supporting up to 300% overload for up to 10 seconds.
  • R438 voltage regulator provides superior voltage stability and transient recovery.
  • Single, sealed-for-life bearing ensures long maintenance-free performance.
  • Generator features switchable voltage capability for operation at most common voltages.
Control System
  • Operator-preferred analog gauges provide at-a-glance monitoring of vital engine and generator parameters (digital control system optional).
  • Solid state engine control module provides convenient, microprocessor-controlled startup at the push of a button and protects the generator system from an array of faults while providing the operator with indication of any faults on the LED display.
  • Standard remote Auto Start / Stop capability via two wire, closed contact logic, allows for connection to automatic transfer switchgear and other remote starting devices.
  • Voltage selector switch (VSS) is protected by a safety shutdown device to prevent access and switching while generator is operating.
Power Connections
  • All controls and connection points are grouped at the rear of the unit for safety and operator convenience.
  • Power cables are connected at a five lug (L1 L2 L3 N PE) terminal board and accept bare end or terminated cables. Cam-lock connectors are optional.
  • Convenience receptacles included standard, each protected by individual branch circuit breakers (see chart below for configuration).
Fuel System and Environmental Containment
  • Single wall steel fuel tank is mounted within the skid base, providing double wall protection and 110% environmental containment of all fluids.
  • The fuel filler is lockable and is located within the containment basin, minimizing possible spillage.
  • Standard fuel / water separator and fine micron fuel filter keep contaminates out of the systemand increase reliability.
  • The heavy duty enclosure provides weather protection of components and provides sound attenuation for use in noise sensitive areas.
  • The enclosure is coated with a 13 stage paint process including E-coat primer for superior corrosion resistance and a high gloss powder paint for long life.
  • The engine generator assembly is mounted on fail-safe vibration isolators.
  • Wide opening side access doors are hinged, providing easy access and are equipped with recessed, pad-lockable handles.
  • Package is equipped with a center-point lifting eye for safe, well-balanced hoisting.
  • G70 is covered by a comprehensive limited warranty:
    • Package: 1 year / 2000 hours
    • Engine: 2 years / 4000 hours
    • Alternator: 2 years / 4000 hours
    • Extended warranty options are available

Control Panel Features


  • AC Voltmeter with phase selector switch
  • Range: 0-600 V, 2% Accuracy
  • AC Ammeter with phase selector switch
  • Range: 0-250 A, 2% Accuracy
  • AC Frequency meter
  • Range: 45-65 Hz, 3% Accuracy
  • DC Voltmeter
  • Range: 8-16 V
  • Fuel tank level gauge
  • Range: 0-1/2-1/1
  • Runtime hour meter
  • Range: 0-99999.9 h
  • Fine voltage adjustment control (+/- 5%)
  • Overcurrent relay reset
  • Control panel lamp

Engine Control Module with Auto Start / Stop


  • Status Indications (Green)
  • System On
  • Preheat Cycle On
  • Enigine COM OK
  • AutoStart Mode Active
  • Shutdown Indications (Red)
  • Low Oil Pressure
  • High Coolant Temperature
  • Engine Fault
  • Overspeed
  • Overcrank
  • Low Fuel Level
  • Warning Indications (Red)
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • High Containment Alarm

  • 1 For operation outside of these reference conditions, contact us
  • 2 Hydraulic surge brakes optional
  • 3 Chains with slip hooks and safety latches
  • 4 Capacity, top wind with sand shoe, trunion mounted